Dae Young Kim here! #eye#eye

Product designer with a background in Design, Technology, and Fine Arts.

Currently based in New York 🗽,
Designing digital workspace experiences at Dell Technologies 💻.

Recent Works 

Information Hub & Task Management Tool @ Dell

A User-centric approach to the Search feature significantly increases efficiency and user satisfaction in a new tool.
Product Design Case Study (Feature)

Avoiding Bias in User Research

Recognizing and avoiding cognitive biases, which impact the quality of user research and the objectivity of design decisions.
Medium Article on UX Planet

Insa: Social Media

Private social media app to make staying connected effortless.
Product Design Case Study

Please feel free to reach out at daekimdesign[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Questions, suggestions, hellos, and collaborations, all are 💎️ & all are welcome!
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