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If you have checked some of my works, you probably have some idea of who I am as a professional. And thank you, for staying interested and stumbling upon this page of random things! 🙃️
So welcome, here are some other fun things about me such as what I’m doing these days.

What I’m cooking 🍲

I enjoy experimenting and creating new recipes using seasonal ingredients from the market.
Aaaaaand, here are some pictures of what I recently made. 😎️
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Where I’m running 🏃

I go for a run about 3 to 4 times a week, along the Hudson River, either on the Manhattan side or Jersey City side of the river. Currently, I’m not planning on any race but casually training to go a little further, and a little faster at a time. 🏃 
But then again, I very often get distracted by encountering these sorts of things 🙃️

What I’m writing ✏️

Avoiding Bias in User Research
Communication and clear understanding of the users are the key to my design practices. UXers do this by understanding the users by looking into user data and insights, and taking the user’s perspectives. Piece of cake. Except, not really. I wanted to share my thoughts on common cognitive biases designers may often face and how I prevented myself from being affected by them.
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Some of my resources 💡️

I’m an avid believer in growing together by sharing resources.
If you have any suggestions, sharing is caring 😌️

Listening list 📻

The Futur with Chris Do
Chris Do, host and CEO of The Futur talks about how design and business are not separate entities and shares specific experiences from professional settings.
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Planet Money (NPR)
As I grow as a designer, I’m feeling the need to understand the business and economy to understand the world around me better. This short but fun series is on relatable topics from our everyday lives but in a very digestible format.
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Design Better
Eli Woolery, Aarron Walter, and guests talk about how contemporary design has evolved and was shaped. This series gives me a wide range of understanding of how tech and design have developed together.
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Reading list 📖

Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
In this book, Leonard Mlodinow gives numerous real-life cases and studies where our decisions are often affected by the biases we are unconscious of. This book provides a great amount of experiment details and cases which helped me understand the context and have a deep understanding of the matter. (highly recommend getting a hardcopy because the book cover is extra fun)
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When designing, don’t forget the broader context
I think good design’s true value lies in understanding the broader context of the users. As a digital product designer, yes, my design often stays within user’s screens, but the impacts often go beyond such limits and affect the user’s physical world as well. I loved this article because I think it is important for any makers and creators to have a broader vision.
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Please feel free to reach out at daekimdesign[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Questions, suggestions, hellos, and collaborations, all are 💎️ & all are welcome!
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