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I’m Dae Young Kim!

(And yes, the illustration on the homepage is from this picture 😎️)
I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea & Tyler, Texas. Now, I’m based in New York, New Jersey area.

A Continuous Learner 🔎️
In adapting to different cultures from an early age, I learned to become attentive and observant, which led to my curiosity about my surroundings. With these curiosities, I often question why what we see and experience in everyday life the way they are, and imagine how things can be better.

Communicating and Collaborating for a positive impact 🥂️
I have finished my MFA in Design & Technology program at Parsons School of Design, and BFA in Studio Arts at New York University. I am passionate about initiating and cultivating positive changes via user-centered experience design, data-driven works, and storytelling. Currently, I am pursuing works in experience design, art, writing, and other humanities-related works. 
︎ daekimdesign[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Top 5 Skills at-a-Glance

How I Design

Clear and open communication is the key to my design.
The key element of my design is a clear understanding of the users and stakeholders so that I can create user-friendly and successful design solutions that meet user needs and align with project goals. This is created when the designers, users, and stakeholders can freely share their opinions. As a product designer, my first goal is to build trust between designers, users, and stakeholders by creating an open environment where anyone can easily ask questions and exchange ideas, preferences, and expectations.
Good ideas can come from anyone, from anywhere, and at any time, so why shy away from them?🚀️

Here is a little more about me

I enjoy many activities like running, visiting museums, and trying out new bars and restaurants. These days, I’m having fun experimenting and creating new recipes using seasonal ingredients from the market.

Aaaaaand, here are some pictures of what I make these days. 😎️

Find out more about other things I’m interested in here︎︎︎

Please feel free to reach out at daekimdesign[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Questions, suggestions, hellos, and collaborations, all are 💎️ & all are welcome!
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