Project time: 2020
Organization: NYC media lab X Consumer Report 
Role: Product Designer

Product Design | Data Privacy | Game design | Education

What is Termed?

Termed is a game for 8-12-year-old children to encourage them to understand concepts of data privacy and digital consent to choose healthier online practices.

Despite how the digital presence of children increases every day, not enough is being done to safeguard their online privacy.

“Termed” helps children understand the concept of privacy, consent, and data breach of today. The game starts the conversation where children can think about what a healthy online practice might be, and how they might be able to be online in a safer way. And by gamifying, the learning experience became clear, more fun, and impactful.

My Role as a product designer & Writer

  • Identified problem & opportunity space.
  • Develop in-game content & storyline.
  • Design in-game score systems.
  • Write and manage microcopies of the game.
  • Conduct user tests & interviews.
  • Presented final iteration at the 2020 NYC Media Lab X Consumer Report Demo Day.
  • Set up project agenda and prepare weekly sync meetings accordingly.

Research and Design Process Documentation Coming soon.

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