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Director / Designer / Animator: Dae Young Kim
Advisors: Chris Romero, Ethan Silverman,
                   Aya Kárpinska, Louisa Campbell
Voice over: Elizabeth Gore

Storytelling | Animation documentary | Media Literacy Education

What truth do you believe in?

Believer is a web based art experience raising awareness on the need for media literacy and self-criticality. Through presenting how falsehood affects us, the work portrays a satirical caricature of the contemporary society.

How are we sure what we know is true?

Everyday, we intake vast amount of information flowing in from various digital media such as social media, messages with friends, news broadcasts. With just a few taps and scrolls, anyone can have access to vast amounts of information.

We also often misunderstand the nature of falsehood within the media as easily recognizable or hard to encounter, and unconsciously refuse to see ourselves as potential victims of it.

In the era of post-truth where biases and falsehoods replace facts and spreads into every corner of our society, Believer questions our ways of receiving information by satirically depicting the epitome of a person from the post-truth society.

Through a small set of interactions like questions and a writing activity, the project actively engages with the audience to have them think about the truth they believe. The work initiates a conversation about media literacy, giving the audience a chance to stand before themselves and evaluate their self-criticality.

Through this experience, the audience faces the unpleasant but necessary mental experience for those living in the contemporary society of post-truth, and ultimately become one step closer to being more aware and familiar with the idea of self skepticism and media literacy than they were before.


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© 2020 copyright by Dae Young Kim